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Finding Your Significance in the World

This Master Class is a Discovery Zone Opportunity for Women Seeking Clarity of Purpose. This class is offered on a monthly for small introductory price.

Unearth It Life Systems

Group Alliance of Women who focus on uncovering every block that keeps them from their path of purpose. This is my intermediate and affordable coaching opportunity for women who  work in cohort to manifest their God-sized vision.

1 on 1 Power Coaching

This is for you if you are serious and committed to manifesting your ministry or business idea.  This level of coaching is for women who make a sizable investment in their future.

Coaching women in every generation from all walks of life to find their super power in the earth.

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"There’s two words to describe Nickcole Byrd “Marketing Genius.”  My coaching session lasted about 3 hours and I swear what she helped me accomplish would have taken an entire team weeks to develop. She never deviated from the task at hand and made sure I understood the process while giving me the tools to meet my goals!  "

Dezmond C.
Y-Gen Wealth Building for Millenials

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